Pick ONE thing, just one, and see the impact you can have.


The world consumes one million plastic bags every minute. Here, one of these has become entangled on a small bush on the Bolivian Altiplano (Credit: Eduardo Leal)


Chances are, there are environmental volunteer opportunities available near you. Whether you have five hours a day or one hour per month to spare, volunteering in your community is a rewarding and crucial part of sustainability engagement.

Check out these popular volunteer pages that provide opportunities throughout North America.

Canadian environmental volunteer page

Goodwork Canada

American Nature Conservancy


Check out these online petitions that aim to protect wildlife and drive sustainability. It's easy and quick.

Live petitions: 

David Suzuki Blue Dot

Tell the Canadian Government to stop subsidizing big polluters

Canadian Government website of petitions

Save Big Bend

or, start your own petition! Find something you're passionate about and make sure your voice is heard. It's incredible how powerful petitions can be.


The most important first-step in creating change is to spread the word about sustainability related issues, and get others motivated to learn, care, and take action themselves.



The fact that you're here means that you have even a passing interest in learning about sustainability (I'm hoping). Spend some time on the United Nations Environment Programme page and NASA's climate site and you will be shocked by how fast you can learn about such immensely important issues. Knowledge is power!

Other resources:

Earth Times



This is probably both the easiest, and most powerful thing you can do to be a conscious citizen and activist. TIPS