Our Earth's Health Status

Unless you’ve been living in an underground bomb-shelter for the last couple of decades, you’ve heard the terms Global Warming or Climate Change. You’ve also probably got an Uncle Joe or the like, who has dismissed the issue as hype or natural processes. What to believe?! Surely Uncle Joe wouldn't lie.

let's get one thing straight...Climate change IS happening

97% of scientists now agree that global climate change is occurring, AND is caused by humans. Not a shock for many of us who have been following these greenhouse gas emission trends for many years now, but a large consensus in the scientific community helps legitimize the issue to nay-sayers. Now Uncle Joe who has been working at the tar-sands for twenty years can no longer suggest at thanksgiving dinner that global warming is a natural cycle that nobody can prove otherwise.

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You may be wondering why you’ve heard that climate change is overblown or not human-caused, if 97% of scientists agree otherwise?! Well, according to the Census Project linked above, the media gives the small proportion of skeptics a disproportionate amount of coverage. Whereas the scientific community is conclusive on the climate change debate, one-third of media coverage is dedicated to the skeptics. Sure to muddle the available information and confuse the public, no doubt. While you may not be surprised that the media is selective of available facts and twists reality... I urge you to be aware of where your information comes from, be it sustainability, technology, social, economic or otherwise-focussed.


DON’T be fooled, climate change is here and climate change is human-caused.